Breast Cancer MDC

The breast cancer multidisciplinary clinic (MDC) was the first MDC started at KHCC. All patients diagnosed with breast cancer benefit from a multidisciplinary treatment approach through the breast cancer MDC. The patient is referred to the MDC by their treating physician within the MDC team. Every year, KHCC treats approximately 400 breast cancer patients, thereby acquiring the experience to handle even the most difficult cases.
Once the patient is admitted to KHCC, the treating physician meets with the patient to discuss their treatment after extensive discussion with the MDC team. Treatment options could include chemotherapy, radiation therapy, surgery, or a combination of all three.
Who’s on the MDC team?
Dr. Hikmat Abdel Razeq – Head of Breast MDC
Dr. Layth Yahya Mula Hussein
Dr. Abdulnasser Khalaf
Dr. Rasmi Mubaideen

The team meets weekly to review all the cases on the MDC list
Ancillary and patient support services
The breast cancer MDC works in close cooperation with nutritionists, physiotherapists and psychologists at KHCC in order to provide patients with the most comprehensive care possible.