Cancer Control Office

The Cancer Control Office (CCO) at KHCC was established in 2010 to undertake evidence-based interventions that aim to lower cancer incidence, and the related morbidity and mortality in Jordan.
The Office aims to become the regional pioneer in cancer control through:
  • Reducing the cancer burden in Jordan through tobacco control and by promoting the advantages of a healthy lifestyle.
  • Using systematic implementation of interventions covering prevention, early detection, diagnosis and treatment, and palliative care to fulfill its mission.
  • Collaborating and partnering with stakeholders working in the field of public health. 
Activities and partnerships
To date, the CCO has forged relationships with global institutions including:
  • Mayo Clinic
  • World Health Organization
  • American Cancer Society
  • The Global Smokefree Partnership (CCO is a member of its steering committee) 
  • Global Bridges (CCO is the host for Global Bridges in the Eastern Mediterranean region) 
Other partnerships and collaborations locally span the public sector, NGOs, and the private sector. In addition, CCO’s work has been published in esteemed journals including BMC Public Health, Respiration, and Epidemiology.
Completed work spans conducting health research, de-normalizing tobacco and exposure to second-hand smoke, advancing and promoting tobacco dependence treatment in Jordan and region, and educating on cancer and its prevention. To read more about the Cancer Control Office’s achievements to date, click here
Department Staff
Director of Cancer Control Office
Chief, Section of Pulmonary and Critical Care
Director of Respiratory Therapy Service
Tel: 06-5300460 ext. 1862
Iyad Ghonimat, Tobacco Treatment Specialist
Manager of Respiratory Services and PFT Lab
Tel: 06-5300460 ext. 1323
Tobacco Control Unit
Rasha Bader, MBA, PMP, Global Tobacco Control Certificate
Head of Tobacco Control
Tel: 06-5300460 ext. 2206
Asma Hatoqai
Tobacco Control Specialist
Tel: 06-5300460 ext. 2315
Applied Research Unit
Nour Obeidat, PhD
Head of Applied Research
Tel: 06-5300460 ext. 2204
Minas Abu Alhalawa
Applied Research Specialist
Tel: 06-53400460 ext. 2205
Nutrition and Health Education Unit
Rawan Shihab
Head of Nutrition and Health Education
Tel: 06-5300460 ext. 2207
Communication and Outreach Unit