Clinical Breast Exams

What is a clinical breast exam?
During a clinical breast exam, a doctor or medical professional will examine your breasts and surrounding areas for any lumps or abnormalities to test for signs of breast cancer.
Why is it important to get one?
Clinical breast exams, along with mammograms, are an important part of every woman’s health regimen as they help to detect breast cancer early. Early-stage breast cancer has a cure rate of over 90% so early detection of breast cancer can save your life; the later breast cancer is detected, the more difficult it is to treat it.
During a clinical exam, your doctor will also usually show you how to do a self-breast exam as well so that you will also be able to feel any abnormalities yourself.
When should I start to get clinical breast exams?
It is recommended that women start getting clinical breast exams once they reach the age of 20.
How do I prepare for a clinical breast exam?
There are no special preparations but we advise to schedule one a few days after your period so that your breasts are not as tender or swollen. If you have reached menopause, it does not matter when you schedule an exam, you can take one anytime.
How often should I get a clinical breast exam?
  • For women 20-30 years old: once every 2-3 years
  • For women 30 years and older: once a year
How much does a clinical breast exam cost?
A clinical breast exam at the KHCC Early Detection Unit costs JD 5 (free for Cancer Care Program members).
Have a look at our price chart for a complete list of early detection exams offered at our Early Detection Unit.
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