Coping With Cancer

Coping With Cancer
Coping with Cancer as a Caregiver
  • It is okay to feel overwhelmed:
    • You may feel the need to be emotionally strong for your loved one in the wake of their cancer diagnosis, but it is normal to feel stressed and overwhelmed. 
    • You may experience an onslaught of emotions, ranging from anger, sadness, grief and even guilt. These emotions – and many others – are completely normal.
  • Talk about your feelings
    • It will help to talk about your feelings. Our counselors and social workers can help you come to terms with your loved one’s cancer and help you cope along the way
  • Take care of yourself 
    • Taking care of yourself is really important. As a caregiver, it’s easy to spend most, if not all, of your time focusing on your loved one’s health, but it’s important not to neglect your own.
    • Eat well, exercise and get enough sleep and relaxation, so that you will be in a better frame of mind to take care of your loved one to the best of your ability.
    • It is also beneficial if you and the rest of your family members and friends can figure out a rotation schedule of care for the patients so that you don’t get burned out and avoid fatigue.
  • Take care of your emotional and spiritual well-being
    • It may also help to try and find meaning during this time. When your loved one is diagnosed with cancer, it is common to start questioning your faith or beliefs.
    • You may feel in need of some spiritual guidance, or may simply need some time alone to just think or meditate.
    • As part of its comprehensive approach to cancer care, KHCC recognizes the importance of spiritual well-being. Our patients and their caregivers can choose to receive support from a spiritual advisor of their choice while at the Center.