Goodwill Fund

Goodwill Fund
About the fund
The Goodwill Fund provides financial support to underprivileged patients who do not have medical insurance and are unable to pay for their lengthy cancer treatment.
The Goodwill Fund supports underprivileged patients by covering:
  • Treatment costs to help many patients at various stages of their cancer treatments.
  • Transport costs for patients who live outside Amman and for those patients within Amman who cannot afford transportation to KHCC for necessary medical appointments
  • Accommodation costs for patients living outside Amman needing to stay close to the hospital, particularly after complicated procedures such as bone marrow transplants
  • Food coupons offering outpatients a nutritious meal at the KHCC cafeteria
How you can help
You can any amount donate to the Goodwill Fund through:

Establishing a goodwill fund at KHCF

In the last few years, several goodwill funds have been set up by dedicated supporters of the Foundation in their name or the name of a loved one to cover the treatment costs of underprivileged patients at the Center. We currently have existing funds in the names of Nizar Al Nakeeb, Al Sheikh Youssef Khalaf and Yusra Kolaghassi, in addition to several others.

Contact us
For more details about the Goodwill Fund or naming a fund, please contact us at:
Tel: (+962-6) 55 44 960 ext. 351