Grants & Contracts Management

About the Center for Grants and Contracts Management (CGM)
The CGM was established in response to the increasing demand for assistance in obtaining and managing research grants, and to ensure proper accounting and financial compliance of sponsored projects.
The CGM manages the pre-award and post-award administration of research grants and contracts funded by KHCC or other national or international agencies.
Pre-award functions include:
  • Finding and disseminating funding opportunities.
  • Assisting in preparation of grant applications and budgets.
  • Negotiating and preparing research agreements.
  • Submission of proposals to funding agencies. The CGM is also responsible for the management of other types of research agreements such as memorandum of understandings, collaborative agreements, partnership agreements, consultation agreements, non-disclosure agreements, and material transfer agreements
Post-award functions include:
  • Administration of grants from preparation of subcontracting agreements.
  • Preparation of renewals.
  • Requesting cost and no cost extensions.
  • Following up on and submission of progress reports.
  • Closing out of projects in close coordination with the Finance Department.
Grants specialists
Grant specialists are available to assist established investigators, junior faculty, and other researchers in identifying funding opportunities and in obtaining support for their research projects. Grants specialists help with the preparation, review, and submission of grant applications. Grants and Contracts staff works closely with administrators and investigators to ensure the awards comply with KHCC’s policies and procedures, as well as the funding agency’s instructions, guidelines, and regulations.