KHCC Library

KHCC Library
About the KHCC Library:
The KHCC Library and Educational Resources Center was established in 2003, and is one of the most comprehensive academic health science libraries in Jordan. 
  • The library develops and sustains informational resources for research and education purposes so that health care professionals can stay up-to-date on the latest medical literature and publications.
  • The Center is also open to all patients and their families, and to anyone affiliated with KHCC. 
  • The Head Librarian is always ready and willing to help staff as well as patients in their search for health information.
  • Whether the inquiries are very general or advanced in nature, the library has the resources to get you on your way.
 The Library has two main sources for users to access:
1) Library inventory: Consisting over 1,540 books, 1,500 eBooks and 3,000 journals.
2)  Peripheral resources: E-library portal.
Patient education
The KHCC Library provides a wide collection of health and medical reading material for KHCC patients and their families. These books vary from cancer awareness books to books about diet and nutrition during treatment for different cancers. We have made this material available in Arabic, which you can access online here.
Alice Haddadine 
Director of Library & Educational ResourcesCenter
Tel: (+962-6) 53 00 460 Ext: 1755
Lubna Al-Useily
Tel: (+962-6) 53 00 460 Ext: 1739