Lymphoma MDC

All newly diagnosed Hodgkin lymphoma and non-Hodgkin lymphoma patients at KHCC are admitted to the lymphoma multidisciplinary clinic. The most common lymphomas treated at KHCC are Hodgkin’s lymphoma and Diffuse Large B-Cell lymphoma. Newly-diagnosed patients and their families can expect at least a one-hour counseling discussion with the head of the MDC and a nurse coordinator.
Referred cases that are accepted are discussed in the presence of medical oncologists, radiation oncologists and pathologists to review the case and ascertain the most suitable treatment plan for that patient. Radiologists, ophthalmologists, gastroenterologists and nursing coordinators may be called upon if the need arises. A lot of time is spent reviewing pathological findings, as they determine the course of treatment.
Patients are automatically listed on the MDC list after being seen by the primary physician. They can also be referred through the screening clinic at KHCC.

Once a patient is accepted into the lymphoma clinic, the treating physician will present the case to the MDC panel. The patient’s pathology samples and radiology results are carefully reviewed and relevant questions will be asked about the case, upon which a comprehensive treatment plan is decided. Observation, chemotherapy, radiation therapy, referral to BMT or a combination of these may be included in the treatment plan, depending on the patient’s specific diagnosis. Surgery is usually not an option for lymphoma patients.
The lymphoma clinic team ensures that a careful review of pathological features of each case is conducted in order to determine the right diagnosis. Lots of time and effort is spent on ensuring accuracy of diagnosis and in the risk-stratification of the clinical case. This is a pre-requisite to assigning proper therapeutic protocol.
Who’s on the MDC team?
Dr. Alaa Addasi- Head of Lymphoma MDC
Ancillary and patient support services
The lymphoma clinic works in close cooperation with the pain and palliative team, radiation oncologists, orthopedic surgeons and BMT physicians in order to provide patients with the most comprehensive care possible.