Multidisciplinary Clinics

Multidisciplinary Clinics
At KHCC, we use the multidisciplinary approach to treat our patients. Once a patient with a confirmed cancer diagnosis is admitted to KHCC, they are referred to a multidisciplinary clinic (MDC) for treatment.
What is a multidisciplinary clinic?
A multidisciplinary clinic (MDC) is comprised of a team of physicians and other health care professionals that meet to discuss every patient’s treatment and care. 
There are many benefits of receiving treatment through the multidisciplinary approach rather than a more traditional approach. The team carefully examines all the medical reports, lab results and scans and determine the best treatment options for that patient, taking into consideration factors such as the patient’s age, medical history and stage and grade of the cancer.
The MDC team also continually monitors and reviews the patient’s progress throughout their entire treatment.