The Nutrition Unit at KHCC works in close cooperation with physicians and other medical staff in order to ensure that cancer patients receive well-rounded care.
Dietitians help patients to manage their cancer and respond to treatment better by creating a comprehensive nutrition plan for them during all stages of treatment. Given that the immune system of cancer patients is highly fragile during treatment, the foods that they eat must be prepared in a way that does not put them at further risk.
In addition, the Nutrition Department provides nutrition management for high-risk patients who are in need of parenteral (whereby nutrients are provided through an intravebnous delivery system) or enteral (whereby nutrition is provided through the gastrointestinal tract via a tube, catheter, or stoma) feeding.
The Department currently provides education and training to university students and newly graduated dietitians.
Our expertise
The Nutrition Unit at KHCC is responsible for:

• Conducting nutritional assessments and interventions, as well as educating patients on their nutritional needs before, during and after treatment
• Supervising inpatients meals so that they match the dietary requirements of the patient
• Providing training for nutrition students
• Providing continuous education and competency training to KHCC dietitians
• Cooperating with community-based nutritional programs and activities
• Hosting an scientific Nutrition Open Day for KHCC employees and dietitians from Jordanian hospitals and universities
Nutrition Clinic :
  • 3 Adult clinics /week .
  • 1 Pediatric clinics/ week
  • 1 wellness clinic for the employees /week
Department staff
A team of nine clinical dietitians and one dietary technician work in the Nutrition Unit.
Contact us
For any questions you can contact the KHCC Nutrition Department on (+962-6) 53 00 460 ext. 1019