Ocular Oncology MDC

The ocular oncology multidisciplinary clinic treats patients diagnosed with ocular melanoma, retinoblastoma and eye tumors.
Patients are usually referred to the MDC after the initial assessment and evaluation by their opthalmologist or through direct admission from other hospitals. Once the patient is accepted to the MDC, their treating physician will present the case to the MDC panel. The patient’s pathology samples and radiology results are carefully reviewed and relevant questions will be asked about the case, upon which a comprehensive treatment plan is decided. 
Who’s on the MDC team?
Dr. Ghadeer Abdeen – Head of ocular oncology MDC
Dr. Imad Jaradat
Dr. Samer Kharma
Dr. Ibrahim Nawayseh
Dr. Khalil Al Rawashdeh
Ancillary and patient support services
The ocular oncology clinic works in close cooperation with other supportive departments at KHCC in order to provide patients with the most comprehensive care possible. Particularly, eye cancer patients usually need eye rehabilitation and eye prosthesis.