Schedule Routine Tests

Why are routine tests important?
Most cancers can be completely cured if discovered in their early stages. Therefore, make sure you take the recommended clinical examination and early detection tests regularly, and don’t leave anything to chance.

When should I take these tests?
  • Every adult above age 18 should take annual screening tests for cancer .
  • You don’t need to be feeling particularly unwell to make an appointment to be screened. In fact, we recommend that even if you feel completely healthy, to make it a point to take early detection tests at least once a year. Some cancers don’t have any specific symptoms, especially in their early stages, and can only be detected through clinical tests.
Where can I take screening tests?
The Early Detection Clinic at KHCC offers annual check-ups and a wide range of screening tests for all types of cancer.
You can find out more about what types of screening tests we offer at the Early Detection Clinic here.