Spiritual Care

Spiritual Care
Why spiritual care is important:
  • Faith and a strong belief in God and acceptance of His will are hallmarks of our culture. 
  • This faith has its deep roots in our region and becomes of utmost important with the challenge of facing cancer. 
  • KHCC staff find themselves humbled in front of what religion offers our patients.  We strive to meet the spiritual needs for our patients and to encourage positive thinking that may be influenced with prayers and other religious rituals.
How does spiritual care benefit patients?
Religious leaders at the King Hussein Cancer Center strive to:
  • Revive hope in a patient with cancer
  • Emphasize the importance of patience in dealing with an illness
  • Recognize spiritual healing without disregarding the importance of medical care
  • Help patients understand the meaning of death and the afterlife
  • Help parents accept their child’s illness
  • Help patients achieve religious and spiritual balance
  • Teach patients religious rituals that may help them in coping with their illness
Spiritual care support at KHCC:
  • Spiritual guidance and counseling for patients and their families
    • The spiritual care program at KHCC works closely with a patient and their family by helping them explore the meaning of life and death through a spiritual framework.
    • Spiritual guidance and counseling can also be helpful in assisting a patient’s family work through their feelings of grief, sadness and guilt.
  • Spiritual advisors from the Muslim and Christian faiths
    • The Imam of the Rateb Khalil Ghosheh mosque is active in counseling newly-diagnosed patients in addition to helping others experiencing difficult times.  In coordination with our psychosocial program, the Imam reaches out to those in need for support and often becomes a great source of help and encouragement to them.
    • KHCC also has a Social Worker for Religious Affairs on staff.  While working mostly with palliative patients, the social worker is available to all Muslim patients and their families throughout their time of need. 
    • An on-call priest is available upon request to Christian patients at KHCC to offer prayer or spiritual guidance to patients and their families during the difficult stages of treatment.
  • Mosque on campus
    • KHCC houses a modern mosque that gives our patients and their families a peaceful and quiet place for worship.