Your First Appointment

Your First Appointment
What can I expect at my first appointment once I’m admitted to KHCC for treatment?
  • Complete clinical evaluation
    • At your first appointment, your physician will typically ask you questions in order to obtain your full medical history as well as perform a complete clinical evaluation. They will also review the results of any tests you’ve had taken outside KHCC and will start a process to determine the stage of the cancer.
    • Some patients may already have had extensive pre-treatment clinical evaluation and staging before being presented for treatment by an MDC, in which case the MDC team will proceed to discuss the best course of treatment options.
  • Full information about every aspect of your care
    • As a patient, you can also expect to obtain full information about every aspect of your care. For example, in addition to treatment options, physicians and nurses will typically inform you how to correctly handle your daily activities and tell you what is best to eat and drink in order to best manage your disease.
  • Your physician will present your case to the MDC team
    • Your treating physician will then present your case to the multidisciplinary team so that they can devise the right treatment plan for you.