About Nisreen Qatamish

About Nisreen Qatamish
Nisreen Qatamish
Director General of the King Hussein Cancer Foundation

As a leader in the region’s healthcare industry, Nisreen Qatamish was appointed in 2016 as Director General of the King Hussein Cancer Foundation (KHCF), the largest community-based organization in Jordan dedicated to combating cancer. In this role, she is responsible for overseeing KHCF’s fundraising and development efforts, driving global advocacy programs, raising public awareness on early detection and prevention, as well as cancer coverage and patient support.
Achievements in KHCF leading fundraising operations, cancer insurance program, prevention programs

Ms. Qatamish currently serves as a board member in several national platforms, including; Jordan Breast Cancer Program (JBCP) Board of Directors, and National Medical Tourism Board of Trustees.
2010 – 2018 led the Jordan Breast Cancer Program (JBCP) as a director, where she orchestrated the program’s successful interventions in fighting against breast cancer on the national level in Jordan, through intensive service provision, training and capacity building, local advocacy efforts, and most distinguished awareness campaigns and community outreach programs.
Under her leadership, JBCP screened 26,000 Jordanian women, of which 322 women were early diagnosed of breast cancer, initiated the first accreditation program for breast imaging units in the region, accumulatively accredited 27 breast imaging units, trained 970 healthcare providers on different disciplines, activated 3725 community health workers on breast cancer education and outreach, mobilized 150 journalists to advocate for breast cancer early detection. JBCP also implemented 11 Breast Cancer Awareness October campaigns on the national level, up scaling into regional unified interventions, where 3 unified regional campaigns on breast cancer awareness.

Qatamish’s experience is well recognized on both a national and regional level. Over the years, she has contributed to science through various publications including the National Breast Cancer Health Communication Strategy 2013-2016. She is also a prominent consultant and trainer in various sectors, with special focus on capacity building within the healthcare industry, advocacy and change management.

Qatamish is further known as a leading promoter and advocate for gender equality, tobacco control, and cancer prevention and early detection.