Ambulatory Care Services

Outpatient Adult Clinics
1. Adult Chemotherapy Administration Unit: Nurses in the Adult Chemotherapy Unit administer different chemotherapy protocols in a safe and high quality manner.
2.Adult Multispecialty Clinics: The Nurse Coordinators at the outpatient clinics are trained to provide patient care from time of diagnosis and all throughout the treatment process for different oncologic diagnoses and to follow the patient plan of care according to clinical practice guidelines. 
Emergency Room (ER)
The KHCC Emergency Department provides comprehensive individualized oncology emergency care management to all KHCC patients and their families 24 hours/ 7 days a week.
Endoscopy Unit
The Endoscopy Unit provides diagnostic and therapeutic GI procedures for adult and pediatric patients with cancer.
Radiotherapy Unit
The radiotherapy nurses are responsible for coordinating the management plan of patients according to their specific diagnosis and service. They follow up on the status of the patient’s treatment in order to ensure that the proper treatment has been administrated and delivered in a correct sequence.
Radiology Unit
The Radiology Nursing Unit is an integration of the Radiology Department services and Nursing Department services. The unit composed of an interventional radiology theater, breast unit, recovery room, consenting and IV insertion room.