Benefits of MDCs

Benefits of MDCs
The multidisciplinary clinic (MDC) approach at KHCC enables us to give our patients the best possible care. Benefits include: 
  • Team decision-making
    • Treatment options are discussed and decided by not just one, but a whole team of dedicated experts. The treatment sequence (for example, surgery first versus chemotherapy first) might make a big difference in outcome, so it’s important that these decisions are made by a team of professionals who have considered each option carefully.
  • Unified treatment protocol
    • MDC teams use a unified treatment protocol for each type of cancer, so that at any one point during the treatment of a cancer patient, the entire medical team knows the plan of management. This reduces confusion and helps the treatment process flow smoothly.
  • Based on international guidelines for treatment
    • Collective treatment decisions are made based on the latest international guidelines for each treatment phase.
  • Thorough and careful reviews of every case
    • Each case is carefully reviewed to determine the right diagnosis. Lots of time and effort is spent on ensuring accuracy of diagnosis.
  • Comprehensive support
    • Comprehensive supportive services - such as pain management, nutrition and counseling - help the MDC team to assist the patient in overcoming the side effects of the treatment and responding to treatment better