If you are not covered by any coverage party, KHCC accountants can provide you with estimates of treatment costs so that you can sort out your financial matters before beginning treatment. These costs include the following items:
  • Clinic visits
  • Diagnostic workups, including imaging studies, biopsies and blood work
  • Costs of surgery, including costs of anesthesia, surgeons’ fees and postoperative care
  • Costs of chemotherapy treatment, including home medications and investigations needed before starting chemotherapy cycles
  • Costs of radiotherapy, including the costs of planning, simulation and delivery of radiotherapy
  • Rehabilitation services needed, including physical therapy and speech therapy if required
  • Hospitalization to treat complications related to different treatment modalities
Please be aware that our estimates may vary from actual treatment costs due to a variety of factors.
You will be held responsible for the full and final cost of your care. If you have any open balances, you may also be asked to pay them prior to receiving any further treatment.
Before you begin treatment:
  • All self-pay patients are asked to sign an agreement to pay for services rendered.
  • You will also be asked to provide a deposit in advance to cover the estimated cost of your treatment.
  • If your treatment plan changes during the course of your care, you may be asked to agree to a new estimate. You also may be asked to increase your deposit.
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