What is a colonoscopy?
A colonoscopy is a procedure by which a doctor uses a long narrow tube with a light and a camera at the end to examine the insides of your colon and rectum.
Why is it important to have one?
A colonoscopy may be used to test for a wide range of digestive conditions, but it is also used as an early detection technique to test for signs of colon cancer.
Colon cancer does not usually present any symptoms until its late stages, when treatment is not as effective, so it is important to take early detection exams.
By taking regular early detection tests for colon cancer that can detect any abnormalities before you feel them, you can increase your chances of a cure and survival.
While taking a colonoscopy, your doctor looks for areas of inflammation or for growths in your colon called polyps. If left untreated, polyps can develop into cancer. Your doctor may also take a tissue sample (biopsy) from inside your colon while conducting the colonoscopy, in order to examine the cells under a microscope to check for any abnormalities.
When should I start getting colonoscopies?
It is recommended that men and women start getting colonoscopies once they reach the age of 50.
However, if any of your immediate family members developed cancer (especially breast, ovarian, uterus, prostate or colon cancer before the age of 50) then you will probably need to start getting screened earlier than the recommended age. Consult your doctor about the right age to get screened.
How should I prepare for a colonoscopy?
It is important for your colon to be empty so that your doctor can get an accurate, clear image when conducting the colonoscopy. For this reason, you will need to undergo some special preparations a day or two before your exam.
When you schedule a colonoscopy, your doctor will tell you exactly what you need to do to prepare. This usually includes:
  • Not eating solid foods
  • Only drinking clear liquids
  • Taking a laxative (in pill or liquid form)
How often should I get a colonoscopy?
It is recommended to get a colonoscopy to test for signs of colon cancer once every 10 years starting from the age of 50.
How much does a colonoscopy cost?
A colonoscopy at the KHCC Early Detection Unit costs an average of JD 300 (actual price may vary according to the procedure).
Cancer Care Program members receive a discount of 20%/ This discount only applies to general colonoscopies and biopsies but not any other medical procedures by colonoscopy.
Have a look at our price chart for a complete list of early detection exams offered at our Early Detection Unit.
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