The KHCC Emergency Department is a closed high-level tertiary care department which receives only cancer patients who are registered or in the process of registration at KHCC, in addition to our KHCC employees. As such, our patient’s baseline is a cancer complication or illness. This makes KHCC’s Emergency Department an acute, specialized care department that is prepared to deal with any emergency or complications arising from cancer or cancer treatment.
The Department operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week and treats an average of 2,000 patients per month.
Department Staff
We have a dynamic staffing model that insures our patients are being handled and cared for as promptly as possible. The Department of Emergency Medicine’s main staff consists of:
  • Physicians: Emergency Physicians and Internists
  • Nursing: Senior nurses, Registered nurses, and Practical nurses
  • Clerks
Department Statistics
The current ER structure consists of one triage room, three treatment rooms, and one CPR room, with the capacity of 14 beds.
A total of 18,200 adult and pediatric patients visited the ER department at KHCC, in the period between January and September 2012
Pediatric patients’ visits to ER are limited to after-working hours and through weekends, since the Pediatric Department has its own drop-in clinic.