External Trainees

As a leader in providing excellence in health care and continuous training and education for all professionals locally and internationally; the Training Center at King Hussein Cancer Center welcomes interested undergraduates and graduates from all over the world, and in all specialties within KHCC’s capacity.
King Hussein Cancer Center gives the applicant the opportunity to obtain hands-on experience and/or observer ship under the supervision of professional expertise academically and technically using the latest technology & resources to enrich the candidate’s knowledge and skills up to date.
If you are interested in training at the King Hussein Cancer Center, kindly follow the following steps:
  • Download and print-out the training application form attached below and fill-in the requested information, attach all the required documents and then deliver either by hand to the training Center at King Hussein Cancer Center or send electronically to the following e-mail address: rabd-ellelah@KHCC.JO 
Your application will be evaluated and in case accepted you will be contacted to perform the necessary medical tests to complete your application.

• To Download and fill the application form Click here.