Head & Neck MDC

The Head and Neck multidisciplinary clinic (MDC) at KHCC treats patients diagnosed with head and neck cancers including cancers of the:
Oral cavity
Nose and paranasal sinus cancers
Salivary glands
• Skin (of the head and neck)
• Any other cancers that metastasize in the head or neck (unknown primary site)
The head and neck MDC does not treat thyroid cancers. Thyroid cancer patients are referred to the Thyroid Cancer multidisciplinary clinic. 
Patients are usually referred through their treating physicians at KHCC, or from physicians outside KHCC or Jordan. In some cases patients are referred from other multidisciplinary clinics at KHCC when the final diagnosis proves to be a malignancy of head and neck origin.
Once accepted into the head and neck multidisciplinary clinic, the patient will be introduced to the treating team to facilitate better communication and decrease patient anxiety. The MDC team will also review clinical, radiological, and pathology and may perform extra evaluations, however the patient would already have had extensive pre-treatment clinical evaluation and staging prior to the first meeting with the team. The MDC team will discuss the best course of treatment option with the patient and answer any questions or concerns.
The head and neck MDC uses fiberoptic laryngoscopy and nasopharyngoscopy for more accurate diagnosis and staging, as well as regular dental evaluations during radiotherapy.
Who’s on the team? 
The team meets every Sunday to review all the cases on the MDC list
Ancillary and patient support services
The head and neck multidisciplinary clinic works in close cooperation with nutritionists, speech pathologists, social workers, and the smoking cessation clinic at KHCC (if patient is a smoker) in order to provide patients with the most comprehensive care possible.