International Collaborations

International Collaborations
About our international collaborations:
International collaborations are important in helping KHCC continue to advance its services and provide the highest quality cancer care and treatment. A few collaborations subsequently become formalized agreements and others continue as individual collaborations.
Sister institution agreement with MD Anderson Cancer Center:
KHCC is proud to have formed a sister institution agreement with the internationally recognized The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center. This five-year agreement became official on November 1, 2011.
KHCC and MDACC have already been collaborating for several years in areas such as training, education, joint faculty exchanges and joint research studies, this the Sistership Agreement formalizes this relationship and gives KHCC access to:
  • the largest global network of top cancer centers involved in the most recent advances in oncology research, education and clinical care.
  • Research collaborations with other sister institutions that are facilitated through MDACC’s Sister Institution Network Fund.
  • The Sister Institution Network Fund which encourages multicenter research projects across the Sister institution Network. These research projects cover specific hypotheses in the fields of breast cancer, colon cancer and palliative care.
MDACC’s Sister institution network consists of more than 25 different institutions across trainings and observerships.
Other partnership agreements:
Official agreements:
University of Arizona , Tucson, Arizona

Unofficial Agreements:
H. Lee Moffitt Cancer Center, Tampa, Florida
Georgetown University Lombardi Cancer Center, Washington D.C