Meet our Director of Nursing

Majeda Afeef, PhDc, MSN, RN is the Director of Nursing Services at King Hussein Cancer Center (KHCC). Through her clinical and administrative experience she developed an increased passion for nursing profession. Knowing that she wanted to help make a difference even more, she went on to pursue her PhD degree.
 In her current role her responsibilities includes planning, directing and evaluating activities of the nursing department. KHCC is the first hospital in Jordan to start the journey toward Magnet® excellence, along with the journey, shared governance structure was established in the department of nursing.
Majeda is leading the journey toward excellence with Help and support from her team, addition to establishing the first program for evidence based practice and nursing research in clinical setting.
Majeda’s administrative abilities make her an efficient leader with an eye for detail to provide the needful mentoring and support for the nurses in their journey toward excellence.