Nursing Education

Nursing Education
About nursing education at KHCC
The nursing staff at KHCC constitutes almost 25 percent of its total employees. KHCC takes great pride in investing in their training and professional development through educational activities, courses and trainings locally and internationally to ensure that their level of service and practice is consistently up to standard.
General Nursing Orientation (GNO):
The GNO is a mandatory program for all newly-hired nurses at KHCC:
  • It is taught by nurse educators, physicians and other KHCC health professionals.
  • This two-week program covers practical and theoretical training for nurses in order to prepare them for clinical practice in different departments across KHCC.
  • There is specific emphasis on oncology training.
  • Most nurses acquire their oncology experience through training and practice at KHCC, therefore heavy emphasis and intense training is required at the beginning of a nurse’s journey at KHCC.
The program is a total of 120 hours broken down into 93 hours of theoretical training and 27 hours of practical training.
Following are examples of a GNO timetable and program as well as the curriculum including the specific topics covered throughout the GNO.
Continuous Nursing Education:
The Continuous Nursing Education program is provided to nurses after the successful completion of the orientation training and before starting practical work in their assigned clinical services:
  • The Training Center along with the Nursing Department determines a clear training plan for nurses of all levels within KHCC.
  • Highly competent Clinical Nurse Educators are distributed among the nursing staff and different specialties, to ensure that proper and timely training is delivered to all nurses.
  • They are also responsible for monitoring the development of the staff and provide expert review and evaluation of their competencies. This ensures that the care delivered to patients is of the utmost standards.
Courses provided to KHCC nursing staff include: