Our Profile

To provide safe, optimal and excellent nursing care for oncology patients at KHCC.
To transition nursing services at KHCC into leading position in the region in terms of professional development, care excellence, training and evidence based practice.
Nursing, a scientific discipline, requires creativity in its execution, the essence of nursing is to provide evidence-based care to our clients in the performance of those activities that contribute to health promotion, resolution of illness, or end-of-life. We believe that a person is an integrated being with intrinsic dignity and worth, a person is characterized by uniqueness and self-determination. As an open system, an individual is in constant interaction with the environment.  We respect and welcome the participation of the patient and family in identifying care needs, establishing priorities for care and participating in that care.
We believe that we have the duty and the privilege to provide care not only as care providers but as advocates for each patient’s best interests and optimum outcome, whether that outcome be maximizing health, preventing complications, preparing for transition to home or other care facilities, and/or experiencing a dignified death. 
We believe that care is major dimension in nursing science, therefore nursing is to help human gaining higher degree of harmony and this requires rich caring interpersonal relationship: nurses cares about self, patient, and other colleagues.
We believe that excellence in nursing practice is essential to the delivery of quality patient care, and is only achieved when each nurse accepts personal responsibility for determining and pursuing individual goals for ongoing professional development.
We believe that we have an obligation to promote and embrace learning opportunities across the career continuum from novice to expert, and that we each bear responsibility for maintaining an environment that enhances the learning process.
We believe in collaborative partnerships with both internal (members of the multidisciplinary team) and external stakeholders (academic institutions, professional associations, community agencies, etc.). It is a key to the provision of innovative and quality professional nursing services.
We believe that leadership support is essential for cultivating and enhancing excellent care. Nursing services at KHCC is committed to create a culture of transformational leadership which will transform humans and organization at larger.
We value diverse representation that includes nurses from all patient care areas is required for moving forward on supporting structures and processes that influence practice. As part of a shared governance model, nursing, at all levels, plays a key role within the hospital's decision-making activities related to patient care in collegial and collaborative relationship with leaders and other disciplines.
I  C C A R E
Innovation: operating with commitment to seeking out and providing new effective and progressive procedures that driven from individual’s ideas and scientific methodology.
Compassion: responding to emotional needs of patients and their families.
Collaboration: recognizing the power of coordinated interdisciplinary input in care delivery
Advocacy: acknowledged professional responsibility in supporting needs of patients, peers, and colleagues.
Respect: sense of worth for patients and colleagues rights
Excellence: delivering excellence in provided care