The Surgery Department at KHCC is the only one in Jordan that treats cancer patients in a comprehensive fashion. The surgical work offered and the experience of our surgeons covers all aspects of our patients' surgical needs. The Department of Surgery is fortunate to encompass an exceptional group of faculty, staff, residents, fellows and research investigators.  The department is very active with approximately 2,600 operations performed every year, 27,000 outpatient clinic visits and 1,500 annual admission to our surgical floor.
Our services
1. General surgical oncology (breast, GI, melanoma, endocrine, abdominal and retroperitoneal sarcoma)
2. Dental and oral surgery which includes general dental work to all KHCC patients, oral surgery and treatment of facial pain
3. Ear, nose and throat (ENT) surgery.
4. Pediatric surgery
5. Head and neck surgery
6. Urology surgery
7. Neurosurgery
8. Gynecologic oncology surgery which includes gynecologic oncology, laparoscopic gynecology and general gynecology
9. Ophthalmology surgery
10. Orthopedic surgery (musculoskeletal, limb salvage)
11. Chest surgery
12. Vascular surgery
Our expertise
The following expertise and specialties are unique services to KHCC:

1. Sentinel lymph node biopsy: A technique used to minimize axillary surgeries done for patients with breast cancer. Less aggressive surgery means fewer complications.
2. Limb salvage surgery: a specialized orthopedic oncologist, with a team of experts, resects bone tumors without the need of amputation.
3. Free flap surgery: This is a transplant procedure of living tissue from one region of the body to another, following ablative procedures for cancer. This is currently performed at KHCC for the restoration of organ function and for aesthetic appearance, particularly in breast reconstruction.
4. The only Head and Neck Multimodality Clinic in the country. The department contributes an oral surgeon, a head and neck surgeon and an ENT surgeon to this program. Together with the other members of the team which include a medical oncologist, a radiation oncologist and a head and neck nurse, the service offers specialized inpatient and outpatient care to patients with head and neck cancers.
5. Laparoscopic surgery: A surgery that requires special proficiency to perform radical surgeries through small openings in the abdomen, relinquishing the need for a large wound.
6. Gynecologic oncology: A specialized surgeon trained specifically to deal with gynecologic tumors (including uterine and ovarian cancers). Other OB/Gyn experts work closely with medical and radiation oncologists to cure women with cancer.
7. Pediatric surgery: A team of pediatric surgeons work exclusively with pediatric patients. They insert venous access devices for children that can be used for blood drawing and administration of chemotherapy. They are key players in making decisions related to the management of children with cancer. They communicate their decisions by attending pediatric tumor boards and the multidisciplinary clinic. Both activities give specialists from all disciplines a chance to meet and talk about their patients regularly.
In addition, the Department of Surgery is part of the following multidisciplinary clinical programs who work together closely as a team to guarantee a complete range of services for diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation of patients:
1. Breast cancer program
2. Gastro Intestinal program
3. Sarcoma & Limb Salvage program
4. Neuro-oncology program
5. Genito-urinary program
6. Ocular Oncology program
7. Head &neck program
8. Lung program
9. Gynecology Oncology program
10. Endocrine program
Operating Rooms
There are six main operating rooms at KHCC equipped with state-of-the-art instruments and machines.
Day Case Surgery Unit
Day Surgery is the admission of selected patients to hospital for a planned surgical procedure returning home on the same day. This service provides four beds for day case surgery in order to reduce the number of patients on the waiting list and save beds in the inpatient ward.
Education & Training Activities
Our surgical residency programs have received national recognition for providing a superior education and training experience in a comprehensive array of sub-specialty areas. A primary objective of our training programs has been to educate and train surgeons who will ultimately be leaders in their profession. The Department members have agreed to submit the surgical Fellowship Program to the Arab Board and the European Society of Surgical Oncology, to give our qualified fellows more opportunities for certifications.
Residency Program – Joint program with The Islamic Hospital.
The Surgery Department at KHCC is working in cooperation with the Department of Surgery at the Islamic Hospital in running a four-year residency program in General Surgery. At the end of the fourth year, the candidates are eligible to sit for the Jordan Medical Council Board Exam in General Surgery.
Fellowship Program
This program is designed to provide participants with two years of experience in Surgical Oncology. They will gain clinical skills through practice in clinics and enjoy a high standard of educational lectures in oncology topics. Lectures are held two days per week, in addition to the research activities that the position requires.
Department Faculty
Dr. Mahmoud Al Masri – Chairman, Department of Surgery