Take Vaccinations

How can a vaccine prevent cancer?
Some cancers are caused by infections. You can protect yourself against contracting these infections by taking vaccines.
Which cancers can be prevented by taking vaccines?
  • Liver cancer is closely associated with the hepatitis B infection.
    • This viral infection is transmitted through sexual contact, exposure to infected blood or from mother to child during pregnancy or delivery.
    • The Hepatitis B vaccine during early childhood can prevent 95% of adulthood hepatitis B infections and prevent the development of liver cancer in most cases.
    • Hepatitis B vaccines are administered via intramuscular injections. Three doses are required and an individual may receive the vaccine at any age.
  • Cervical cancer can also be prevented by taking the Gardasil vaccine.
    • The Gardasil vaccine protects against the HPV virus, which causes 70% of cervical cancers. 
Who to call
For more information on vaccinations, please call the Early Detection Clinic at (06) 53 00 460 ext 2317.