Where do donations go?

Where do donations go?
All donations and contributions from our fundraising programs and activities are channeled to help achieve the following goals:
1. Upgrading the medical capacity of KHCC by
  • Equipping the Center with the latest medical equipment, both for diagnostic and treatment purposes
  • Supporting existing medical programs and expanding other medical services
  • Supporting the continued recruitment of a world-class medical team
2. Supporting patients
  • Supporting underprivileged patients, who cannot afford life-saving treatment, through the Goodwill Fund, Zakat Fund and other funds
  • Providing psycho-social and therapeutic programs for patients and their families
3. Supporting public awareness and early detection programs
  • Educating the community on cancer awareness and early detection programs
  • Leading the Jordan Breast Cancer Program (JBCP) which ensures quality screening services for all women in Jordan, establishes unified protocols and guidelines to physicians, and improves the education and training of healthcare personnel
  • Aiming to reduce disease, disability and death related to tobacco through pharmacological treatments, clinician-provided social support and skills training through the Smoking Cessation Clinic at KHCC