Zakat Fund

Zakat Fund at the King Hussein Cancer Foundation

Last year at the King Hussein Cancer Foundation (KHCF), we were able to provide free cancer treatment to 55% of our most destitute patients through zakat funds.
Since KHCF received the official Fatwa from the Jordanian Fatwa Council in 2006, it has provided financial support through its Zakat Funds to underprivileged cancer patients from Jordan and the region.  In fact, during the period 2008-2016, KHCF was able to cover the treatment of 600 underprivileged patients amounting to JD 12,209,237 (USD 17,244,686).
The number of disadvantaged patients is increasing noticeably on our waiting lists due to the regional crisis and the excessive influx of cancer patients to Jordan and because of the destruction of health systems across the region, many come to us as the only beacon of hope and we are currently overburdened with the number of patients that we are receiving as we are a small non-governmental institution and cannot provide this aid alone.
Your zakat can save lives… By giving your zakat to KHCF, you are helping support and restore hope to the needy cancer patients in Jordan and the region.

Zakat Fund Scope of Work

At KHCF, we know the importance of giving zakat and care about transparency, which is why we are very particular about the disbursement of zakat funds. The zakat we receive is utilized exclusively for providing direct patient treatment to underprivileged Muslim patients.
The system we have in place is thorough when determining the eligibility of patients for zakat. After the medical evaluation of the cancer patient, the estimated treatment costs are defined and our field social case workers verify the authenticity of information given by the patients to determine if they are eligible for zakat in particular. If they are, their treatment is funded from the Zakat Fund which is safe-guarded in a bank account separate from all other KHCF accounts.



For wire transfer to Zakat Fund from Jordan and all countries except UAE:

Bank name: Jordan Islamic Bank
Account name: King Hussein Cancer Foundation
Bank address: Sweifiyeh branch-Amman, Jordan
JOD account number:  0272125010092000001 
IBAN: JO37 JIBA 0270 0001 1604 1512 4000 05

For wire transfer from UAE:

Bank Name: Arab Bank
Branch: Abu Dhabi
Account Number: 4001 – 444444 – 500
IBAN: AE51 0090 0040 0144 4444 500
  • Note: Once a Zakat donation is transferred, please send us a notification email on in order for the donation to be added to zakat fund.

​To donate your Zakat via wire transfer from the USA:

For any inquiry please contact us:
King Hussein Cancer Foundation: + (962-6) 55 44 960
For Zakat donations from Jordan: Ext: 357, 351, 306, 309
For Zakat donations from outside Jordan: Ext: 255, 356, 313